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Volleyball star @AlyssaValdez2 gushed in delight as she and her pet were featured as a virtual fan during an NBA ga…

1 week ago

Bootleg Mermaid

@vaguely_goth @SyeraMiktayee @JennyENicholson Petition to make a virtual pet site with a socialist market system.

6 days ago

Anna Berry

16/ 3. While cameos from the family pet, roommates, and spouses have become a frequent and expected eve nts in the…

6 days ago

Anne White

@JoyceWhiteVance What checks are there on Barr’s power? He seems to be ramping up his campaign to solidify his pet…

6 days ago


RT @NecroKnockout: I had a really stupidly cute idea of virtual pet demon bois and just rolled with it. (ALSO THIS IS 222 FRAMES- I PUT WAY…

6 days ago

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