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The Idaho Word Man (aka Fred Roth)

The Idaho Word Man can #edit your final draft, or can give your rough draft a #critique or #betaread. I love to hel…

45 minutes ago

Plant Gang

RT @play_on_sunday: Hey a little bit delayed but as y'all probs know I went out to Idaho to visit @iHannavi and let me just confirm what we…

1 hour ago

Timi Leighton

If you ever decide to visit Idaho, @kaitlynbristowe, I will never let you live this down 💔

2 hours ago

Sport 🍣🏮🕵🏾‍♀️🇺🇸

@TheeSouthside My mom.has a White friend that she known for years who's husband is rich Af and she invited us to co…

2 hours ago

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