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Nieuwe Vogel's case study: De menuborden in de restaurants van Eazie zijn voortaan digitaal. Klanten kunnen zo nóg…

2 months ago

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[GOT7 STUDIO] GOT7 "Miracle" Live (Christmas Ver.) MERRY CHRISTMAS…

1 month ago

Asaduddin Owaisi

According to the Pakistani Constitution, only a Muslim is qualified to be President. India has seen multiple Presid…

1 month ago

Ted Lieu

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You know what is not FAKE? You said on live national TV: "I am proud to shut down the gover…

1 month ago


@iamyucar スーパー反抗期やったんでTV出れそうなくらい大家族の友達の家に居候してました(^^;

1 month ago

Ramesh dass

RT @antil_seema: #JesusChrist God is in form. God is not formless Holy #bible - genesis Sixth day of #creation 1:26- then God said and n…

1 month ago