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RT @kanagawa_shouhi: 【拡散希望】 大雨や台風、地震等のあとには、それに便乗した- 悪質商法による住宅修理トラブルが多数発生する傾向にあります- !契約を迫られても、その場では契約せず、複数の事業者で比較- 検討しましょう! HA…

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FPLVoices (Assis)

RT @sportingintel: Earlier this year, I wondered to what extent it might be possible, using official Qatari data published by the Qatari Go…

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CZΞ (💎, 💎)

@RadioJustBack @TxFrog1 @JonGMechE @agusantonetti @elonmusk @erfan_kasraie For voice or data? How would that work?…

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J Hitchcock #TruthMatters #Grandmama Dragon :)

@BrashAndy @thehill None. Sample consisted of very likely voters, n=1,368 (m&f)... Data was collected using an Inte…

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RT @swahilitimes: "Sasa hivi mapato mengi ya simu sio kwenye voice call [sauti] ni kwenye data [intaneti]." Naibu Spika wa Bunge, Mussa Zu…

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