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Will Scott

@volvocars It’s my second XC60! I’m obsessed!

1 month ago

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Bill Pulte

I will give Brand New Car to someone random who retweets this in the next 72 hours (must be following me so I can dm you)

1 month ago

Cory Booker

If you need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to buy and possess a gun. Some states are doing thi…

1 month ago

Malcolm Nance

Prediction: Trump will propose the US leave the G7 and create with Russia, China, Saudi Arabia & Brazil, & a broken…

1 month ago

Rafid Aiman

RT @itsdanialazlan: Dear white people. as an asian, if we do just like this kid eh, our asian parents will directly 1. starring at us wi…

1 month ago