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Black Swan Release #BTS #방탄소년단 #BlackSwan #1stSingle ▶멜론: ▶FLO: ▶지…

23 hours ago

Louis Tomlinson

My brand new single #Walls is here, this is the title track from my debut album which is only two weeks away now !…

21 hours ago

Peter Bellerby

RT @JamesMelville: In summary: ▪️An end to frictionless trade ▪️The chancellor doesn’t know what the trade agreement will look like ▪️Busin…

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Martyn Smith

RT @IanDunt: The Big Ben bong debate: What you are seeing, more or less in real time, is a nation turn into the clown car model of itself h…

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This is OJ. After safely evacuating, him and his family returned to their home in Wairewa, Australia yesterday to f…

2 days ago

Rep. Doug Collins

Speaker Pelosi will do anything she can to tear down @realDonaldTrump. Today on the floor, she once again misrepr…

2 days ago

Adam Schiff

Today, we take the next step to #DefendOurDemocracy, sending articles of impeachment to the Senate. McConnell wil…

2 days ago


RT @thechynnabee: Mom: How was school today? Me: It was good, today i- Mom: Sooo why did the school call me and tell me you were absent f…

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RT @TANIRICHES: so many icons were born today

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