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茶豆 @とらとBOOTHとアキバホビーに色々ある

RT @surume_gesogeso: 玉城デニー知事、受注業者と癒着疑惑で窮地に 会場設営、- 資料作成、委員の日程調整などを担う業務で2400万円って高- すぎない?!で、4月12日に公募開始。説明会に6社が参加、- 応札があったのは1…

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Steve Anglesey

Boris Johnson tells Sky: "When I was mayor of London we drove up bus ridership by improving the service and having…

2 weeks ago

Fred Guttenberg

Is this the strategy? To just lie in plain site. Here he is actually now saying that @RepAdamSchiff made up the c…

2 weeks ago

Joe Biden

Grateful for the leadership of @fred_guttenberg for finding purpose in tragedy. We will beat the @NRA and end our…

2 weeks ago