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すごい!!22度ハロに22度幻日,幻日環,太陽柱,上部タンジェントアーク,上部ラテラルアークに環天頂アークとうっすらパリーアークも!昨年12月29日カナダでの大気光象祭りの空.RT @BrentMckean501: This mo…

1 month ago

Citizens for Ethics

"Trump uses the presidency to enrich himself and his family. He has...continued to accept payments from foreign gov…

1 month ago

Llinos Price

RT @BBCRadio4: Fire and Fury, the book about @RealDonaldTrump that the @WhiteHouse calls "trashy tabloid fiction", is on sale in the US now…

1 month ago

Adv Shivam Rai

RT @Snowden: It is the natural tendency of government to desire perfect records of private lives. History shows that no matter the laws, th…

1 month ago