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Robert Malley

5/ Each decision feeds on prior ones, as administration is emboldened by absence of immediate backlash to any of it…

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Neri Zilber

@thedailybeast Abbas isolated internationally. Arab state support for Pals lukewarm (to put it mildly). Israel nego…

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Amjad O. Arab

RT @KFSHRC_HE: د.أميمة عرب علاجات التوقف عن التدخين#التدخين#التثقيف_الصحي

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اليافعي R1b

@hanco911 @athiest_111 @Al_Qladi404 @hhhhhhbbhhbbbb @voic1q @jaaj110 @ayadah80 @aaqarni3 @alnhdi3859…

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سعد المطيري

RT @Safaitic: "The year drought afflicted the (ʾ)ʿrb" - a new discovery from the Ḥarrah provides our 1st evidence of how the Safaitic write…

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