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Aaron Rupar

ABC: You told CNBC a month ago that the coronavirus was "contained." Why should people trust you? LARRY KUDLOW: "L…

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One of the funniest things about Jimin is that we all acknowledge he’s a sweetheart angel w/ a heart of gold while…

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John Harwood

RADDATZ: “Why should people trust you?” KUDLOW: “At the time I made that statement the facts were contained. The p…

10 hours ago


RT @thedivestudios: Ready for another ‘How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae’ Giveaway? This time, @Jae_Day6 is giving away 2 bracelets to 2 lucky win…

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RT @JasonOverstreet: The media better start sending in the heavy hitters to question Trump at these live briefings. I’m talking @MSNBC need…

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