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Today's Wapsi Square by our Artist Guest, Paul Taylor. #windycon44guests #paultaylor

2 weeks ago

Eric Forste

Someone just mentioned to me for the first time ever.

2 weeks ago

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★A3! 限定スカウト★ 9/3 00:00~限定スカウト『good,good night!』配信!テーマはパジャマ♪SSRは春組・佐久間咲也、SRは春組・碓氷真澄、Rは秋組・摂津万里です!こちらは全て、近日開催イベントの「旬」カ…

2 weeks ago


[BOBBY - COMING SOON] originally posted by #BOBBY #바비 #20170914 #FIRST #SOLO #ALBUM…

2 weeks ago

Brandon Friedman

False. In America, the zip code of a person's birth can predict educational attainment and life expectancy with a h…

2 weeks ago

boom bap

RT @AsiaAtItAgain: I will never in my life forget how well dude explained gentrification using sandwiches. I real life be going off about t…

2 weeks ago