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i feel ur pain i gotta wear glasses bc too close to the TV and computer screen (@Sister_Eleanor live on http://t.co/D0BfDqkc)


7 years ago

Carolina ♛

@piaazizan haha it's a Mexican tv show, where people only wear plush clothing. Just like whay Tabi is wearing


7 years ago

Alonza - Ynique

People who know they are going to be on TV in HD need to wear more make up #badskin


7 years ago

Aney Winchester

@tv_show_addict cool! Tho i can't descide what to wear to tutions coz i can't find my fav hoodie! Its appocalypse!


7 years ago

ashlee ∞

And I don't have to wear make up when I watch TV with dad and I can burp out loud and he doesn't give me a weird look. #dadsarecool


7 years ago


RT @mattytalks: A tv show where I'm a hard boiled NYC Detective with a heart of gold but I have the legs of a horse and can't wear pants ...


7 years ago


TALK TO YOUR FACEBOOK & TWITTER FRIENDS FACE TO FACE RIGHT FROM YOUR TV w/ Xbox 360 Live - OMG! What SHALL you wear?! http://t.co/rz4jye8J


7 years ago

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