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Unbridled Spirit

RT @MaryPatIzar: @chuckwoolery I'm sorry, but since Marina Abramovic invited Podesta, Clinton's for "spirit cooking" parties as seen in the…

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Deplorable Woman TYNunes, Flynn, Assange, & #Q

Let's not forget about Obama's Christmas gift to America. He allowed media to lie while pushing to make conservativ…

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Deplorable Woman TYNunes, Flynn, Assange, & #Q

@GengenWerd @daltaraiders @realDonaldTrump @washingtonpost @FoxNews Obama signed an executive order allowing propag…

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U.S. Supreme Court Says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Roads

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Tiffany Tsahai North

Very true

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Daniel Howell

watching the students in florida standing up and fighting for change despite what they've been through and all the…

23 hours ago

Mikel Jollett

When your children act like leaders and your leaders act like children, you know change is coming.

1 day ago

Kurt Eichenwald

1. @FoxNews viewers are tweeting rage-filled insults (attached to a Fox tweet) at the kids who survived the Florida…

1 day ago

Bill Althaus

@FallonTonight I love Paul Rudd...every time he comes to KC for Big Slick at Kauffman Stadium he is gracious, charm…

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RT @John_Barnitt: It is pertinent to remember that the #NeverAgain movment is NOT about which party you stand with, but rather supporting t…

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