Wedding tweets

P&P Sports Editor

@amie87 and I at Lou & Sylvie's wedding. #love #happy

7 years ago

Courtney elishi

Cheese I look lean boy- wedding here I come cheers @ElleMayPanayi xoxo

7 years ago

jarena ria zolina

OMG! The One With Ross' Wedding. #FRIENDS

7 years ago

Lionel Goh

At wedding. But i dunno whose HAHA @smallsmurf_

7 years ago


I will be Spinning Jams for a wedding reception tonight "if your to old to move sprinkle baby powder on the floor, so you can slide"

7 years ago


PMSL RT @from_exoplanet: [FANART] CUTE BAEKYEOL in there CHINESE WEDDING Suit.

7 years ago

Chico Rodriguez

Which crazy guy would wanna wife you though? Lol "@IamThabi_Lit: At my wedding,if ur name is not on my list of guests..u will get bounced!!"

7 years ago

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