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Mike Coudrey

Kanye West, speaking to a large crowd at his Sunday Service: "Abraham Lincoln was the Whig Party - that's the Repu…

1 week ago

David Wallace-Wells

“If, as Samuel Johnson claimed, “The Devil was the first Whig”, Against the Grain argues that wheat was the first H…

7 minutes ago

Sanford 2020

RT @pseudoerasmus: @snaidunl @_alice_evans @delong so if you observe coercion is more profitable in certain sectors than others, is that mo…

22 minutes ago


If you don't like this post, you are a member of the Whig party and you know I don't like those guys.

48 minutes ago

Geoffrey P. Johnston😎

RT @RobinMacNab: Ukraine has been failed many times by the Great Powers. A good overview from Kingston Whig Standard’s @GeoffyPJohnston ht…

1 hour ago

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