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Smoke 🇺🇦

@leigh_fitzin Please only admit to being a Whig or a Stoner. The shame for the rest...

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Smoke 🇺🇦

@jonboyjon1976 @shiv5468 @PaulCra33107260 @lordofthebanned @66Steph82 @itsbigwullie @waitrose Can I sign up to be '…

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Buck Nekked 🇺🇸

@NickAdamsinUSA *Henry Clay (D-R Whig, Kentucky) (b:1777 d:1852) has entered the chat* (I literally have a Master…

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Kenneth Althaus

@RussPettifer @MikeBobnick @HotMessConserv2 Might want to stay on topic & leave the past in the past, then go back…

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Lookin like the boyfriend to some washed up e girl

It's still crazy to me that there is literally only 1 video game ever created that lets you play as a Zombie protag…

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