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Frank Jacobowitz

@ninaturner You are the one who is only posting bumper sticker plans. I think everyone should go to college if they…

1 day ago


Banana🍌with many sugar spots🤤 There was a sticker showing the discount💰🤩 Why do people pay so much for green, youn…

1 day ago


Nobody: My dad: Hey you got mail from the toll booth you don’t have no fees due you? SIRRR LEAVE MY MAIL ALONEEEE💀…

1 day ago

Jake McMillian

Firms will tell you that they “are open to any schools” and “are digging deeper into the class.” This might be true…

3 days ago


@officiald2h If the sticker of 10 year old STB box is not readable then it is bad quality of sticker. Why should th…

3 days ago

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