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Cannabis Law Reform

Why is it that @UPS delivery service never knocks on your door? They just put a sticker on it that they missed you.…

19 hours ago

Kelly Steele

@GoldyHA I'm serious here — in other states they say "renew your registration" or "update your plates" (as verified…

21 hours ago

David Stranahan

@JoyAnnReid All of these ideas for expanding ways for already wealthy people to pay for college does not answer the…

1 day ago

Marissa Lauren

@Lexsticy 100% agree. So are tags. Like why do I have to pay you over $100 once a year, effective on my date of birth, for a sticker 🙃🙃🙃🙃

1 day ago


RT @__Johnaya: why somebody put a note on my car that my inspection sticker expired like I don’t know?? the yt’s really don’t mind their bu…

1 day ago

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