Wii Virtual Console Games tweets

Grace Petrash

best wii virtual console games http://t.co/YIzL9VaQ


7 years ago

Mitchell K Jordan

@NintendoAmerica when is Virtual Console coming to Wii U eshop? I'm keen to play some SNES games with the new gamepad.


7 years ago

John sterling

@NintendoAmerica get that Virtual Console out there! Lol. I am wanting my classic games on my Wii U


7 years ago

Chris Wonfor

@NintendoAmerica Virtual Console games on the Wii U and be playable on the gamepad, blown away by my Wii U so far it will only get better!!!


7 years ago

Jason McMillen

@NintendoAmerica Why can't I play Virtual Console games on my Wii U Gamepad??? I want to play Classic Zelda while my wife watches the TV!


7 years ago

Mercury Crusader

@NintendoAmerica Super FX chip SNES games on the Wii Virtual Console. I mean, I have Yoshi's Island on the SNES proper, but still...


7 years ago

Chris Winters

It's also a sandboxed version of the Wii OS so you can't use the GamePad with Virtual Console games.


7 years ago

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