Winky tweets


RT @VanaGomez_: Dont flirt with my boyfriend, don't send him winky faces, don't comment on his pictures, don't ask to chill. He's mine p ...

10 years ago

NahvAName♡ :

:O ahh tinky winky RT @DerronF: U were part time anyways U_U "@CathiiBaybii: @i_am_Marii @DerronF idnt need u ...

10 years ago

Donia Jabbour

I just sent Brook's mom a winky face #theawkwardlife

10 years ago

Priscilla Ho

@solonjhee86 I HAVE ALL THE TELETUBBIES. Tinky winky dipsy lala and po! So cute lah please, where got creepy

10 years ago

Martin Luther Bling

My mom sent me a winky face after I told her I loved her. She's weird.

10 years ago


@Andrewcord @sixonesixband lol I guess I just like the winky face, softens it so its mor of a request than a command lol

10 years ago

rebecca danz

That super awkward moment when I accidentally send a winky face to my dad instead of a normal smiley face**

10 years ago

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