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Shannon Watts

Babies were shot to death inside a Texas church and you - a lawmaker - did nothing because you’re beholden to the…

23 hours ago

Galatasaray SK

Ocak Şubat Mart Nisan Galatas- aray Haziran Temmuz Ağustos E- ylül Ekim Kasım Aralık #Şamp- iyonGalatasaray 🏆…

18 hours ago

Tom Fitton

New: Docs show Obama WH behind Clinton email cover-up. Emails uncovered by @JudicialWatch after federal court overr…

1 day ago

Aprsalsa || ECLIPSE🌘

RT @markjinssi: JB: Even if we don’t perform together, i hope we become a big flow of Kpop industry GOT7 works very hard to reach their dr…

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