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President Biden

It's crucial that we help the power stay on and quickly be restored when a storm like Fiona strikes. So today, I…

1 day ago

Val Demings

It will take time to rebuild Florida’s neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Ian, but no one will be left behind. W…

2 days ago

Ron DeSantis

Thank you to the Florida Electric Co-Op Association for bringing in an additional 1,000 linemen to help restore pow…

23 hours ago

Oscar Garcia

ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ كَوَبَوَنَ تويو تو يو ♻️ WW ♻️ ستايلي ♻️ 7FF ♻️ فورديل ♻️ UU22 ♻️ باث اند بودي بدي ♻️ A6WP ♻️ اوناس…

10 hours ago


@jeff_canada1 @Darkangel75 @RichardCityNews @RobSnow15 people some who Joined 25yrs ago... fair paying job / rewa…

10 hours ago