Xinhua News Agency tweets

Shane Carroll

@emigan I signed in to Follow Xinhua News Agency on twitter. It's the official news agency in China and Twitter is banned. I liked the irony

5 years ago

Global Media Post

Xinhua state news agency posts on Twitter

5 years ago

Jennifer Pak

Twitter is blocked on mainland China but it seems the state news agency Xinhua likes to tweet. Chinese notice hypocrisy

5 years ago


The news that Xinhua News agency set up a twitter account cause such a chaos in mainland China today

5 years ago


RT @Xinhua_English: The official Twitter account of the English website of Xinhua News Agency is @Xinhua_English . The website is http:/ ...

5 years ago

PAIRSonnalites | AS

IN-blog: Tibetan monk arrested for inciting self-immolation: The report in the official Xinhua News Agency did not…

5 years ago

Phil Islander

@Xinhua News Agency Welcome the official news agency from China!

5 years ago

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