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@tismenic70 Blimey Nic that's a tough one!!! Green Mile is up there for sure along with Shawshank, Lord of the Ring…

23 hours ago

Nicholas Feeney

RT @BathoulAhmed: #Yemen: Cost of the minimum food basket up by 35 % since COVID outbreak- meaning even fewer people will be able to buy f…

1 day ago

Nikhil Bajwa

RT @jeremycorbyn: These arms will fuel the illegal Saudi war on Yemen, leading to death and destruction. Its shows how little Tory rhetori…

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@Hmab_e @k_b_saba @ij7maZ9ccwVyKfE هيا هذا هو نفس موقعك الذي قدمته لي اقرأ في هذه الصفحه و…

2 days ago

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