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Yann Rl

@thomz_lbt Franchement il y a plus grand monde qui fait rêver alors que kimmich kroos c'est costaud normalement (tu pense à mezut avoue)

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Deploribus Maximus🇺🇸

@larryelder @SenWarren Mr.. hu ..5. hhhbb j5b y 6 am h. 5n g4 and jn 65nt 4yt 6am ninety hy67 u5y56y66nh 6mty6n y…

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yung back pain

RT @Lexual__: Also, what is it with men pointing out women have daddy issues? Half of y’alls fathers beat or frequently cheated on your mot…

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RT @YungVisionarie: @RichieRichLA Can y’all pleas vote for song #2 please tim tryna get played on the radio.. I need to get my music out th…

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cindi mayweather.

😬😬😬*insert the obligatory ‘God knows my heart and he ain’t through with me yet y’all’ *

17 hours ago

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