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Kenny Holland

Thanks @BestBuy and the @Lenovo Yoga 720 2-in-1 laptop, it will be even easier for Capri and me to stay in touch…

3 weeks ago

maura quint

I want to do yoga except instead of stretching myself I want to lie there while someone does it for me what I'm saying is I want a massage.

3 weeks ago

Yoga Journal

To prevent #SacroiliacJoint problems follow these 3 suggestions: put it in place, stabilize it + move it with care.…

3 weeks ago

Blake Converse

It's magic... nope. It's yoga. @_strongiam for #relatedgarments Styled and shot by me. @ Mack…

3 weeks ago


@charlycarmona00 @Jasmine_Fanpage @TantrumJas What is it ASMR? Do you mean yoga?!

3 weeks ago

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