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Keith Boykin

Danielle Moodie-Mills to Joy Reid: “Words do matter, and you taking responsibility for those words, that matters...…

1 month ago

Timmy L

I’m doing yoga. It’s call lounging cat. On the sofa with my eyes closed. Never mind I’m Napping, I’m taking a nap

1 month ago

Karl Zenith Nieva

@julian_nieva Do hot yoga. It's done wonders for me.

1 month ago


@ArmondBSmith It is. & thank you. Yeah. Yoga it is! I’m grateful for yoga though. Without it I would be utterly lose at the moment.

1 month ago

M Power Yoga

Moms love #yoga, it’s a fact! Bring her for free on Sunday, May 13th #mpoweryogastudio #getmpowered #liveinspired…

1 month ago

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