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Francis Maxwell

Daily reminder to fellow white people, stop calling the police on POC because you’re uncomfortable. Being uncomfort…

1 week ago


Downward Dog, meet upright goat. People actually pay $35 to do yoga in a barn with goats.

6 days ago


When a prank black metal yoga Facebook event had more than 5,000 people click “going” the creators decided to put i…

1 week ago


Jewelry making, tai chi, chair yoga, support groups and spirituality are all on the calendar this week. Our classes…

5 days ago

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Third Space Wellness

We're closing up shop to keep our people safe due to weather. No yoga tonight. Stay home and safe! #silverspring #WeatherAlert

6 days ago

Allie Kennedy

I’ve run into two people from college at the store while at home visiting my mother. It’s so random. I feel my yo…

6 days ago

cleveland + dayton defender

harlem gentrification is incredibly interesting to me because 15 years ago i lived in the projects there & watched…

6 days ago