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Juan Toribio

#Rays notes: Renfroe, Yoshi and Yandy put on a show during BP, taking attendance at the third workout and Robertson…

3 days ago

Dan Salvato

I was wrong, the time saves are greater: 3 seconds in 3-1 and 0.9 seconds in 1-2. SUB 11 IS POSSIBLE. Never before…

5 days ago


if i couldn't keep the yoshi's island fat bird gif i 100% would have an anime avatar on here

5 days ago


RT @blackpapercat: Reposting for the nth time. I also forgot to color Asahi's heart, sorry😅. Fanart for @treasuremembers ❣🖤💖💛💟💜💗💙❤🤎💚🧡 #TREA…

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Smash Matchups

Stamina battle, Meta Knight vs Luigi vs Bayonetta vs Ice Climbers, on Temple, stage morph on to Yoshi's Story, Low…

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