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Lucy Thompson

When I tell mum I want work experience up at London and she says you can't find your way around bw let alone up to london and get on a tube.

10 years ago

Ardath Fullur

I only have 7 subscribers on you-tube aint yall sad for me lol and most of em my friends lol

10 years ago


@NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles really you will kissing with model on VC "Kiss You" I must have many air tube while I watching that video!!

10 years ago

Deb and Company

Check out "Polymer Clay by Deb" on you tube! All things polymer.. - Pls subscribe!

10 years ago

Gerry Gee

@TheSeatofPower I can't find that on You Tube...I'm looking hard

10 years ago

Dani Calilano

@annfrommars @FluffyMarsNight I missed it too. Its not got onto You Tube then? Is that what you want for your Bday?

10 years ago

Suman Bhattarai

Howdy! Have you ever heard regarding the Tube Cash Exposure? I learned it on Google Search and (@YouTube

10 years ago

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