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Lucy Thompson

When I tell mum I want work experience up at London and she says you can't find your way around bw let alone up to london and get on a tube.

9 years ago

Ardath Fullur

I only have 7 subscribers on you-tube aint yall sad for me lol and most of em my friends lol

9 years ago


@NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles really you will kissing with model on VC "Kiss You" I must have many air tube while I watching that video!!

9 years ago

Deb and Company

Check out "Polymer Clay by Deb" on you tube! All things polymer.. - Pls subscribe!

9 years ago

Gerry Gee

@TheSeatofPower I can't find that on You Tube...I'm looking hard

9 years ago

Dani Calilano

@annfrommars @FluffyMarsNight I missed it too. Its not got onto You Tube then? Is that what you want for your Bday?

9 years ago

Suman Bhattarai

Howdy! Have you ever heard regarding the Tube Cash Exposure? I learned it on Google Search and (@YouTube

9 years ago

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