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Sophia Petrillo

somebody said rent due tomorrow & i almost panicked until i remembered i paid mine already

just now

Kay Rochelle

December coming in here like 🥶

13 minutes ago


It’s so hard having to decide when I should take it there with people when they get smart in emails vs just leaving them on read

21 minutes ago


RT @qveenhara: December please be good to me

23 minutes ago

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food truck drove away with my debit card

so from googling it would appear @deanbrowningpa's black guy identity "Dan Purdy" was also once used on the suspend…

2 weeks ago

Mark R. Levin

Twitter has suspended my buddy David Limbaugh’s account for 12 hours by lying about him violating their rules.  Thi…

3 weeks ago

Matt Binder

lmao this isn't even Dean Browning's first "Dan Purdy" account. his last one was suspended. via google cache:

2 weeks ago


@MarzGurl But if *he* deleted the DM's and then he got hit on them for discovery he's in big trouble but if if disc…

2 weeks ago