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사람이 성별도 나이도 지위도, 그 유전자 까지도 전부 거스르고 어느 사람을 사랑한다면, 그게 운명이라고 생각해?

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RT @theestallion: Moving on is not “belonging to the streets” y’all men and judgmental women gotta grow up lol

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계정 찾은 혜윰

RT @4wytmzp: 닭한마리 아직 안드셔보신 분들 제 말을 명심하세요 1) 2~4인 팟을 꾸리세요 2) 동대문 진옥화할매원조닭한마리 로 가시고요(지하철: 종로3가 or 동대문) 3) 떡사리 무조건 추가할것!!! 4) 칼국수 제발 나중에 후…

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My Small Store

#GoodMorning you all. Don't forget to enjoy your day by #DoSomething #YouLove. #MakeFriends with your coworkers. F…

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Afua Hirsch

So this white mummy blogger used a fake Insta account to troll people, including racist posts against black women l…

1 month ago

Abhijit Mukherjee

I agree . Her account must not only be suspended but she should be banned . People like her are making this platfor…

1 month ago

Karlie Flo$$

for everyone on this app. make a burner account where you post your audio-visual media, and take the media from tha…

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get me

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