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Robb Jackson

How I see the world...(or at least the #USA) vs #SWIPELEFT How most people see it... #map #yourposition #youarehere…

1 month ago

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Maggie Astor

I think every woman can look at Ariana Grande's face and body language and viscerally feel what she's feeling. The…

1 month ago

SuperStar BTS

Enjoy rhythmgame with #SuperstarBTS! #BTS 최신앨범 #LOVE_YOURSELF_結_Answer'를 리듬액션으로 즐겨보세요. ▶BTS Game Download Android …

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Beto O'Rourke

Policies rooted in fear, in paranoia, in racism — like taking kids from their parents or denying U.S. citizens thei…

1 month ago


@VORdotcom When history fed by congress never went beyond Ghandy, Nehru &his clan& fed to school students, how will…

1 month ago


IPRefresh: Google Fans Stunned to learn that Rumored Pixel Watch Really isn’t on their Radar for 2018, if ever

1 month ago