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TyC Sports

Hace exactamente 4 años, Argentina ganaba la @daviscup en Zagreb ante Croacia. ¿QUIÉN ESTABA ALENTANDO? SÍ, EL DIEG…

12 hours ago

ESPN Tenis

4️⃣ AÑOS 🏆🇦🇷 El 27 de noviembre de 2016 Argentina venció 3-2 a Croacia en Zagreb y levantó por primera vez en su h…

13 hours ago

Copa Davis

Argentina, campeón de #CopaDavis 2016 💙🤍🇦🇷🏆 4º aniversario del triunfo albiceleste en Zagreb

13 hours ago

Julie Whittaker

I think we pay more for our wine than anywhere else. When I was living in Zagreb I would pay 30 Kunas (around $6.0…

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Victoria E.

RT @spacio_infinito: @vickyrd78 @IsaAranjuez @visitacroacia @zagreb_tourist Este es nuestro canal de YouTube. Pronto ese programa...lo esta…

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Prof Shamika Ravi

100% cut off! This is symptom of a deeper malaise. Acute shortage of high quality #HigherEd options for millions of…

1 month ago

Eric Lipton

Fascinating piece about early works by Edward Hopper. Turned out many were copies of other artists. Does not dimini…

1 month ago

Science Magazine

To Ph.D. or not to Ph.D? Here's some advice from @ScienceCareers:

1 month ago

Timothy J. Shaffer

Totally me in grad school. **maybe** still (pre-covid).

1 month ago