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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Horrifying. You start with the tiny possibility that two officers may be walking over to deescalate the abusive one…

1 month ago


police are beating random people who aren’t even protesting because it’s not about looting or rioting- it never was…

1 month ago

Philip DeFranco

According to @JeffRussoWKBW a Buffalo Police Department spokesperson gave this statement in apparent reference to t…

1 month ago

V8 Sleuth

@addison1972 Correct... if it aint red or yellow it don’t count!

1 month ago

Yash Priyam

@CYesin7 @netosantx_87 @TimelineCR7 So you mean that Ronaldo didn't play in it ? Or Real Madrid didn't play in it?? You are so obsessed

1 month ago

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