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✨Peachy Keen!✨

RT @AngrygirLcomics: so many ppl i knew as a kid are parents now ... i have no desire to parent but if u need some dramatic flair i'll happ…

7 minutes ago

Aburo Wizkid

RT @Joe_Wiii: Is Zena part of Wiz management team??? Cos I dey see am for Wiz session once in a while. I think she dey A&R him projects or…

44 minutes ago

yeah, yeah, fire 🍍

Cancel all your plans and stream this banger. Let's make Zena the richest girl in Belarus

1 hour ago

Zena Giacomelli

RT @GiorgiaMeloni: @ZahradilJan @helg_haper @FratellidItaIia We'll find other opportunities to have you in Italy during the campaign. In th…

2 hours ago

2NVR Radio Nambucca

In This Saturday's AntiSF Radio Show: Silver Lining - by Rex Calavel The Final Squeeze - by Zena Shapter Featured…

2 hours ago

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