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Privilege is Unamerican

@shuboogie @DogOnTheRoof @GabbieKDrice @DivinaFarms @CL2Empower @KHiveQueenB i found that one…

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From the 2016 race but applies now. You have to know where someone is coming from to know the direction they are go…

15 hours ago

Morning Glory

Who is Bernie? Find out before it’s too late - zFacts

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~ tb ~

@MollyJongFast not a lot of Democrats' signatures on this infamous letter: hyd

1 day ago

Radek Nemec

@realDonaldTrump Yes #VoodooEconomics like Reagan, Bush I, Bush II causing gargantuan debt, you manage USA like you…

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Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit

The #1MDB scandal has brought down the Najib regime before. In Malaysia's darkest hours, the Alliance of Hope arose…

20 hours ago

Bernie Sanders

Think about the cruelty of our health care system. Someone is diagnosed with cancer. They are fighting for their l…

1 day ago

Bernie Sanders

As our movement grows, we will be attacked. But our job now is to bring people together in a multi-racial, multi-ge…

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@thesecret I am.creating my life from the inside out. I have the mind power to change my outer life.

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Vijaya Kumar Channalli

RT @vijayakumarc123: Facebook’s Messenger platform allows you to get payment on the application itself, it will be easy for a business to h…

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