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Сергей Булатов

US National Debt Clocks - zFacts

4 days ago

Judy Young

@KyleKulinski Yes, Republican Voodoo economics always explodes deficit & national debt. h…

5 days ago

Jerry Beller, author

Too bad Reagan, G W Bush, & others did NOT listen to George HW Bush about VOODOO ECONOMICS.

1 week ago


Who is Bernie? Find out before it's too late

1 week ago

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Ted Lieu

@neelaeast Thx. Trump is consistently polling under 40%. Also the electorate changes every two years. Energized Dem…

4 days ago

Jon Cooper

Since presidential job approval ratings were introduced by George Gallup in 1937, Trump is polling the WORST of ANY president at this point!

1 week ago

Ross Colquhoun

.@theSNP is polling higher now than at mid-term in its first or second terms. #SNP17

1 week ago

Javar Drake

RT @awscloud: How to use SNS to eliminate polling your Glacier vault to check whether your job has completed or not:…

3 days ago


@just_polling If you have an affair are you really in love with your partner or spouse that you would gamble loosing them.

3 days ago