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Elliott Price

RT @RichardDawkins: To become a brain-surgeon, bridge-designer, airline pilot, ship’s captain, you need rigorously examined qualifications,…

17 hours ago

Heckin’ Peckin’

@GlideOsprey I just got home. All I wanted was some chips and salsa. He was on my shoulder while I got the salsa an…

2 days ago

Lauren/Aurora 💖

a villager just zooped through my ceiling and stole my bed #Minecraft #NintendoSwitch

5 days ago

Cup O' Skepticism

We live in the stupidest timeline. Can I please get zooped to Earth 2 please?

5 days ago

Elliott Price

Worth a shot - part of a rewilding scheme, more trees can never be a bad thing! Petition: Restore nature on a massi…

5 days ago

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