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Enes Kanter

-Haven’t seen or talked to my family 5 years -Jailed my dad -My siblings can’t find jobs -Revoked my passport -Inte…

1 month ago

Ryan Fournier

Remember Bowe Bergdahl? The traitor that Obama swapped for the release 5 Taliban leaders. Sgt. Mark Allen was one…

1 month ago


¿Cuál es la noticia más importante acá? a) Que Jennifer Aniston se hizo una cuenta de Instagram. b) Que se juntó t…

1 month ago

राव रविंद्र

RT @ippatel: Waseem Ahmed gave #TripleTalaq to his fifth begum Simran Azeem when she opposed him from marrying with 6th woman in Moradabad,…

1 month ago


Semangaaat pagii.. Pagi ini cerah yaa, iyaa secerah masa depan temen2 juga. Aamin Aamin Says ingin kasih info pent…

1 month ago