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Jon Swaine

“Facebook says it will continue to host a video of Nancy Pelosi that has been edited to give the impression that th…

3 weeks ago


In today's video I play @Archero_Habby with Mertz! Loved it. Play it yourself and download on iOS (…

3 weeks ago

Ch Fawad Hussain

Five G ll change our use of devices n Apps in an year or two, last days of TV approaching fast...

3 weeks ago


@iamrodneysmith Do you wear a steps tracker or use a similar tracking device? It would be cool to see how many mile…

3 weeks ago

『Thorrk Drachenschänder』

@HeartOfUnseelie -- After some minions of the Red Flame had escaped him, the Drachenschänder had decided to blow of…

3 weeks ago

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