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Steve Mushero

Some of our summer fun with ATVs - medium-level stream crossing with my son. Safer than it looks, with solid well-t…

2 hours ago


Forza 4 on PC is quite impressive, really fun to just drive around. Radio stations pretty much suck, though and Ste…

6 hours ago


Looks like I'll get to use Ruby's 4 wheel drive to get to work this afternoon. Tempted to call off just because I k…

13 hours ago

packers top 5 pick

@thupka1982 @corn_cwm @BeerLeagueHeroe The max is rumored to be 16.5 a year. I highly doubt (arz) any franchise wil…

15 hours ago

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SINoALICE -シノアリス-

【#シノコン 拡散セヨ】 11月23日、24日にシノアリス初のコンサートを開催します! 来場者特典や、会場限定コンサートグッズも販売! チケット一般販売中です! さらに本ツイートが20,000リツイート達成で、全員に『魔晶石30…

3 weeks ago

Bill Maher

Before election, I told Trump voters, as soon as its over, the caravan will disappear from the news...see? And to t…

3 weeks ago

I’m Dad like I'm rad, like I'm Brad, like I'm Chad

@PrettyBrwnAless stupid wedding was in the way of having fun

3 weeks ago

World News Now

CIA Concludes Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s Killing

3 weeks ago