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Dirk Schulze-Makuch

Further releasing my #topten #Smithsonian blogs on "Life beyond Earth" from over 200, which got between 8200 and 15…

6 hours ago

Todd Dimmitt

@sir_suspicious @DawnTJ90 @HarmlessYardDog So for 4,999,999,900 years, weather wasn't extreme, and was predictable?…

2 days ago


@ASaunders_PGH @JV_PITT Lol I’m joking man. But still. Those extreme situations go both ways. Would you rather have…

4 days ago

Megan Gibson

@DesignatedNFLX hits it out of the park with season 3 and tackling real issues! 1. Opioid epidemic 2. Death/assiste…

6 days ago

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