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Lou Dobbs

Invasion Stops Now, or We Lose USA--Mexico Decides to Support Onslaught Against Our Border: More than 2,000 migran…

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Jordi Cuixart

🗞 Interview with @thesundaytimes: «Accepting a pardon it would mean recognising guilt – and I don't. I'm not guilty…

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Andrea Jenkyns MP #StandUp4Brexit

Staying silent will have great repercussions for our country, our democracy & our party. Inaction will not be forgi…

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RT @TefuRecojp: ✨Twitter企画✨ 📷1week1itemプレゼント✨- 🎁1週間に1名様プレゼント ❤️応募方法 #TefuRe or #テフリ を付けてTefuRe着用写真を投稿📷✨ ❤️〆10/28 23:59 🎁当選アイテム お好きなTefuRe…

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RT @Education4Libs: The fact of the matter is anything digital can be compromised. That is why it’s important to request a PAPER ballot on…

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