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I always buy ppl gifts ... lmaoo nobody never buy me nothing but I had to get my co worker something A1 since DAY 1…

2 weeks ago

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Pope Francis

Every occasion is a good one to spread Christ's message!

1 week ago

Alex Wagner

ICE's former chief counsel stole the names and identities of deported immigrants to open credit cards and take out…

1 week ago

frnkiero: Party Dad

today’s the day my best friend was born! not only is she the love of my life, but she also gave me the greatest thr…

1 week ago

✲ MC.룬개짱 ✲

RT @byoukiyamenasai: 계속 내리던 비 덕분인지 공기가 맑아 기분좋게 하루를 시작할수 있겠네요.^^ 화요일도 화이팅 하시길 바랍니다.^^*

1 week ago


ちゃんまりはボランチ 間違いない [ ここにVTuber名を記入してね ]あなたが今、最もガチ恋しているVTuberは? #ガチ恋VTuber #マイベストイレブン #MF投票

1 week ago