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湖南卫视 芒果TV

#DayDayUp #Gina teached how to say “I love you” in different languages😏 #WangYibo shows Korean😍 Watch it on…

6 days ago


@UN @UNESCO Well, that's true but I think its equally important to know international languages if someone wants to…

5 minutes ago

hideous kojima

happy International Mother Language Day to speakers of indigenous languages here and abroad 🙂

16 minutes ago

Khalid Umar

/2 Urdu as well as our regional languages possess all basic sounds that one encounters in languages spoken around t…

32 minutes ago

Doreen Pastor

@Mikek1956 @TheNewEuropean Should she fall ill while being abroad (e.g. on holiday), we can also safely assume that…

41 minutes ago

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