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Life was easier when subfactory was still going every week.

1 day ago

Bulent Ergucu

Have you heard ‘Subfactory Radio #356’ by SPIM on #SoundCloud? #np

6 days ago

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Don Winslow

Definition of white privilege: The white girl who attacked the Capitol and stole a laptop gets to go home with her mommy.

1 day ago


BREAKING NEWS: Hall of Famer and one-time home run king Atlanta Braves legend Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron passed away…

1 day ago


"My first memories as a child were of Nazi officers taking over our home." Help ensure that what Colette Avital a…

9 hours ago

Aoi ♡' | ✦ Xiao come home

RT @hasuyawwn: xiao please come home faster my children are struggling

just now

b | LS1 is coming

@paaget go back to retirement home you old h@g

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