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\その場で当たる!/2日目♪ #おでん試食券プレゼント第1弾 ! フォロー&リツイートで、【毎日1万名様】期間総計7万名様に100円以下のおでん2個試食券が当たる!#ありがとうおでん 9/3 7:59まで!…

3 weeks ago

Brian Klaas

Trump named a politician who has denied climate change science and who has no scientific run NASA.

3 weeks ago

Maggie Haberman

Pence was in the Oval for key meetings on May 8 as Trump read his letter draft

3 weeks ago


꼬깃꼬깃 쪼꾸맣게 올아워너두 하는거 너무 작고귀엽다 정말로 포켓뽀이 cr @ MEMENTO_dn #강다니엘 #WANNAONE

2 weeks ago