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Kiyoko Loretto

Clear Acrylic Sheets - 24 x 24, Clear Acrylic Sheet, 0.125: Non-breakable, lightweight material that can be cut,...

6 years ago

Robb Lewis 

Thinking about buying a sheet of clear acrylic, sticking on top of my desk with photos/records, etc underneath.

6 years ago


Does anybody know where I can get a large clear acrylic sheet that won't cost a fortune so I can build some magic, it's all for the art ppl

6 years ago

Twice Creations

JESS TODD Date Completed: May 2012 Medium: laser cut acrylic sheet, gold leaf, monofilament, brass

6 years ago

Dan Cheek

Joan rivers looks like a sheet of acrylic.

6 years ago

Sarah Cockayne

@Kitronik just spoke to a lady, want to confirm she said £4.75 and not £475.00 for a 400x600 sheet of black acrylic

6 years ago

Tyler Forster

Okay for real last post. Sheet available for prints! #skull #skulls ##acrylic #art #tattoo #tattooflash #tat

6 years ago

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