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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on struggling families nationwide. 150+ economists have joined @MayorsforAGI in calling…

9 hours ago

Mike Schreiner

I'll be voting against Bill 161 in a few mins because it restricts access to justice with changes to Legal Aid & cl…

1 day ago

Dr. Jill Andrew

There is NOTHING to celebrate in @fordnation govt 'Smarter Justice Act' (such irony in a name).It SLASHES LEGAL AID…

2 hours ago

DR. IIDAのビジネス英語

735 ACTION VERB-6 Assist=助ける Local people are assisting policemen in saving a drowning girl in the swelling river…

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Buckle Up

Trump forced the CIA to give top secret intel to Russia even as he knew (and did nothing) about Putin supplying wea…

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