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@LondonFalling0 Yes, usually that isn't the case. Usually only the active webs really leave a mark so to speak. Thi…

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RT @Hellie_Charlie: nfos : - New to RP (please be nice) - No NSFW - Fan account - Can RP in English and French - No ships - Might not be v…

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@FionaDolman Have you gone outside at night to see if you have any webs in corners, etc.? Nighttime is when they a…

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🍎 Zine Apps 🍎

Apologies for not being super active lately🙇🏼‍♀️ (I’m okay just need to b off the webs)Will also prob not be online…

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I had to hose off our front door and environs because I'd let the cobwebs get out of hand. The webs were so desicca…

1 week ago

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