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@out_of_position They don't call you the lounge lizard for nothing.

40 minutes ago

Miriam Oswald

@SenTedCruz You pathetic sleazy lounge lizard. You make my skin crawl.

4 hours ago

Larry Laffer

RT @papadatos_g: Σε παιχνιδι επιβιωσης που οι θεατες διχαζονται στην υποστηριξη του πιο ικανου βγαινει στην ψηφοφορια οτι θελουν να παραμε…

5 hours ago

Larry Laffer

@Cenia_Maria Πόσοι λες.να ψήφισαν στις 1:00 το πρωί περίπου, με διαρκεια ψηφοφορίας 15 λεπτά;🤭😁

5 hours ago

Larry Laffer

@lukoutsa Δυστυχώς το τωρινό σύστημα, "καταστρέφει" τους "ικανούς" παίκτες..

5 hours ago

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Dan Price

"I don't want $15 minimum wage because it'll be too close to what I make" "I don't want $600 a week unemployment f…

5 days ago

Kyle Griffin

Leaked documents show Trump's OMB "blocked" and then "slow-walked" a government website designed to recruit poll wo…

4 days ago


RT @YongYea: Cyberpunk 2077's launch was so bad Crowbcat came out of retirement. It's a brutal but constructive & comprehensive video compi…

3 days ago


RT @ddale8: Twitter has suspended the account of Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, for 12 hours, for repeatedly tweeting elec…

3 days ago


@AniwatchME Am I blocked or is it everyone? Please help your website is the best I could ever use

3 days ago