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Kim Adams

When your credit card gets declined so you give them another card and it gets declined as well

5 hours ago

Kim Adams

What a powerful message from Kobe Bryant to Gordon Hayward. Wow!

5 days ago

Richard P. Adams

Dan, they only wish and try to destroy. National Anthem, Christmas, & Cake-Baking (Mmmm...cake!) will always be goo…

1 second ago


Everyone's doing stuff with their lives, going away, getting good jobs and looking at uni's and then there's me here stacking milk fgs

1 minute ago


RT @aasdanny: Journalists are supposed to be unbiased but Sports Illustrated execs must be rooting for #Astros. This could be a $$$-making…

2 minutes ago

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4 days ago

Manchester United

A solid performance against his former club from Nemanja Matic - is he your Man of the Match? #MUFC

5 days ago

Sol Braillard ☼

RT @Flantasma1: estos si que viven en el 3017

4 days ago