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\いちおしセブン 投稿キャンペーン/ イラスト投稿も大歓迎☆抽選で豪華賞品当- たる✨ ▼応募方法 ①@711SEJをフォロー ②いち推し- 商品の【写真orイラスト】を用意 ③#セブンイレブンの日 と #いちおしセブン を付けてツイート…

1 month ago

BBC News (World)

Mr, Mrs or miss - the woman who brought the honorific "Ms" into mainstream use

1 month ago

Auschwitz Memorial

8 Jul 1942 | Lenz & Co installed doors inside Bunker II - 2nd gas chamber in Birkenau. Killing there started on tha…

1 month ago


Having worked in the Korean restaurant scene, I wonder if this is the ingredient or lax hygiene. Still tragic.

1 month ago

Stephen Ralph

RT @TheNewEuropean: "We will stop them, sooner or later: but the sooner the better," says @acgrayling

1 month ago

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