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Joy Reid

America's Wannabe Caesar by @revdrbarber and ⁦@liztheo⁩ for Sojourners

4 hours ago


José Sojo es un empresario de Bariloche que, harto de la cuarentena y del manejo de la pandemia por parte de la cla…

20 hours ago

Manuel Ángel Redondo

Anoche durante un Live con Luis Sojo me llamo "caballo". Oficialmente soy jugador de LVBP.

1 day ago

Jonathan Sojo

@realDonaldTrump And you should go , maybe you will learn something

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Ernesto Sojo

@noticiaaldia Y debe ser que Venezuela está en manos del niño Jesús Venezuela está en manos de asesinos narco trafi…

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For faith communities, it must be about more than compensatory reparations in the attempt to repair the harm that h…

1 month ago


"For churches that have previously been silent on racism, now is not the time for sermons about justice. Instead of…

1 month ago

Viola Tweets

RT @MaggiePeggy123: @JordanSchachtel @Peoples_Pundit CAIR, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Black Bloc, the Youth Liberation Front, Occupy Wall…

1 month ago

Alisse Goldsmith-Wissman

“Demanding black people’s humanity be seen is liberating not only for black people, but humanity as a whole. But ma…

1 month ago