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@PetticoatDivaJo @PetraPanReviews aent a DM :-)

1 month ago

Danny Dryden

@andy_fc1 It was something like if any gooner is congratulating spurs then u aent a real fan so get rid of that hor…

1 month ago

Adrian Spence

@freeman13_s @PaGeY_9 @leftyslifestyle @fronsoir2 @Theonaldo88 Bro I aent a pic man you should've looked at the che…

1 month ago


〈解剖-方向〉ventral [véntrəl] 腹側方の↔︎dorsal [dɔ́ːrs(ə)l] 背側方の cf. 人体の腹背側:anterior [æntɪ́əriər] 前方の↔︎posterior [pɑ(ː)stɪ́əriər] 後方の

1 month ago


grant(grˈænt) ZpZXDCbo

1 month ago

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